My historical influences include Stoicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Nietzsche’s Übermensch concept. My modern influences include David Chalmer, Stephen R C Hicks, and many other random people everywhere.

A Philosophical Summary

I summarize my philosophy in one word.


I see a world upside down, turned around, and all mixed up. I can see the imbalance in my face and the faces of people around me. I can see a tilted generation of people being pulled in extreme directions while blissfully unaware of the danger.

I believe balance is everything, and the more we have it, the better for humanity.

Gateway Drugs

I firmly believe strict adherence to a specific philosophy is a gateway to madness. I cherry-pick ideas that make sense to me from many philosophies and adopt my favorites. I avoid dogma like the plague and keep my mind open to influence.

Philosophy Is Medicine

I believe philosophy is the salve we need to treat our mental ailments. If enough people realize this, they will become better people.

I treat philosophical ideas like potent prescription drugs. If I think consuming it will lead to madness, I avoid it until I’m ready. However, I carefully consider ideas before rejecting them.

I’m careful when introducing impactful philosophies to people that might not be ready for it. I know that mental health is delicate.

Change Is Dependable

My philosophy is constantly evolving as I learn new things. It will never stay the same, just like the universe. I’m in a constant state of flux, moving from one idea to another, connecting ideas to learn and grow.

Stopping isn’t an option, though I must be mindful and create space between my actions.


I believe you are a philosopher. You may not have a robust system of self-governance, but most people have a loose system built on other systems. However, everyone has a philosophy.

Many people subscribe to hedonism, and many more are nihilists. Others are devout Christians that won’t stop talking, and others are Buddhists that say nothing.

Ultimately, we’re all unique snowflakes with something to offer.

Philosphical Influences

Here are some philosophers I find intriguing and why.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Many years ago, I developed a fascination for philosophy. I found it fascinating that people would spend so much time making sense of the world. Nietzsche is one of the misunderstood philosophers, so naturally, I connected with him.

I picked up a book by Nietzsche when I was in my late twenties. I read it during my train rides to Vienna when I was living in Austria.

Alan Watts

My next fascination is with Alan Watts. Alan’s point of view, influenced by eastern philosophy, aligns with my belief in the human connection despite a common idea that we’re alone.


As previously mentioned, my philosophy is constantly evolving. As I learn new Stoic wisdom, new Zen ideas, and anything else that aids me in this life, I adapt and continue.