Category: Observations

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder about where I’ve been and what I have overcome. I’ve put myself through the wringer a lot. Heck, I’m still putting myself through the wringer, but not with the same things I did in the past. Self Unawareness Most of my life could aptly be described as blissful ignorance. Only in the…
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We’re hung up

We’re hung up on thousands of layers of bullshit. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, we get hung up on small details every day. Often we get hung up on details for a great reason like solving difficult problems that require getting hung up on information to solve them. Most of the time, we get…
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Observations on Humanity

My observations on humanity are numerous. I like to think. It gets me in big trouble sometimes. I’ll spend days, weeks, and even months pondering concepts in my brain and defining relationships to other ideas. It can be quite a distraction, but sometimes it leads to observations like the following. Children We are kids with…
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