Once upon a time, I wondered. What is my purpose? No longer and never again. I realized my purpose. To define my purpose or have it find me ill-prepared.

To this day, I struggle with this truth. I work for others to feed my family while knowing what I must do. I must run my company to give others purpose and help them define their purpose. I must stop those who would steal life; from those who only care about winning, money, and control—all synonyms for power.

It won’t be long now, I promise. I will fulfill my purpose and feed the world with my heart and soul.


It is everything. It is the balance beyond death. The truth that gives us pain, suffering, and joy. Our world is nothing without it. It is a green garden growing without human touch—seeds planted by nature, with the winds of change fueling embers and cooling the sea.


Fields once filled with flowers and playful animals run barren. The skulls of great warriors once coursing with life litter the fields, the museums, and the crypts. They thought they would live forever, but alas. It comes for us all. Wisdom shows us this truth and gives us life anew. It is the way of death; it is the other side.


Our life fills with it when life is good. Happiness serves our souls as joy radiates through our being. Simple love on the path of life as we learn new things and become who we are. When we realize we are everything and everything is us.


It holds us back; it brings sadness; it is the killer of joy—fear of the unknown and the impending happening. What might bring us to darkness and cover our souls with doom? It is the mind-killer and a light that guides us to growth. As we face it, we become ourselves.


Suffering, pain, and harsh paths await. Why keep going? Why not dive off the cliff of despair?

Why not face it head-on? Why not LIVE with everything we have? Why not become who we are and inspire the world? Life is too short not to give everything. It is too short not to shine our light in the darkness. Our world deserves you. It deserves us.