I have six to eight months to live. It’s my new mantra, but I don’t know if I do. I’ve always tried to live life to the fullest. However, I’m almost fifty, so it’s time to turn it to eleven.


I’ve mulled the concept of prioritization for a couple of years. I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and learned about the quadrants, and I’ve become much better at prioritization. However, we can continually improve as humans.

I’m particularly prioritization challenged with ADHD, but I wouldn’t say I like to hold that crutch. Like everyone, it’s challenging to know what to do next. Afterall, we make 35,000 choices a day on average so it’s not easy. Right now, I could write one of nearly a million different words.

Forcing Function

When I want to force change, I implement a forcing function. Pretending I have six to eight months to live is the forcing function. Sometimes I need to kick my ass!


Meditation saved my life. No joke. Without meditation, I would still be on a death match to the grave. I used to drink too much and wandered through life aimlessly. Thanks to meditation, I took more time to reflect on my circumstances. I realized I could make better choices, and I did.

Meditation gurus consistently tell people to meditate on death. As a now long-time meditator, I fully concur. It is why I’m writing this article. It pushes me to live in the moment and give zero fucks.


I hope I have more than six to eight months to live. I often reflect and marvel that I might have fifty years to live. Given that the first years of my life were out of my control, it’s even more awe-inspiring! I could be halfway through my life.

Life is truly a gift. Incredibly, we’re alive. Our consciousness continues, and our stories bloom. It never stops as long as our hearts beat. Let’s pretend we have six to eight months to live every day of our lives!