How do I take a break with so much to do? I just took one as I waited for Apple to replace the keyboard on my Macbook.

Usually, I’m on my computer coding, writing, and keeping up with current events. In the last few weeks, I skipped using my work laptop and skipped work. It was nice to give my body a sorely needed break.


I took a break by unplugging. I have ADHD, so unplugging is a tall order. My brain enjoys constant stimulation. It’s like a little puppy begging for love & attention. Even as I unplugged from my laptop, I was still checking email and the like on my phone.

I should practice Niksen during my next break.


Sleep debt is real. Paying my sleep debt improved my focus, made me feel better, and reduced stress. Skipping focused screen time on my laptop reduced joint soreness, headaches, and fatigue levels.


My next break will be in the woods, without a mobile phone. Not feeling it lately, I recommend taking a break!

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