Like most of us on social media, I see people post a problem and a tsunami of opinions. Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one. It’s a classic turn of phrase packed with truth while stating the obvious.

I was on LinkedIn this morning, and a guy posted about his weight problem. The comment section contains conflicting opinions about running, walking, and eating right. EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION!

I know people are trying to help, but a sea of opinions isn’t helpful. Neither are facts.

What happened to raw empathy? Why aren’t there more supportive comments? Lifting each other up is the key to success, in my opinion. Yes, I have an asshole too.

Save Ourselves

I find inward focus eminently powerful. Inside my soul is a vast universe of information, power, and everything else.

While we’re hoping to make our voices heard by shoving opinions down each other’s throats, we become the boiled frog.

When we look inward, we realize we are all the same, and when we change ourselves, we change the world. When we peer into our soul, we peer into every soul.

The human eye contains millions of cells. Underneath our eyelids lies a vast universe. An astronomically complex system helps us understand our world, yet some of us still live without them! WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!

It’s time to start acting like it, it’s time to quit shoving our opinions down each other’s throats, and it’s time to change ourselves.