How do I meditate on death? More importantly, why meditate on death? It will unlock freedom with practice.

Let Go

First, release tension throughout your body.


Take deep and long breaths.


Focus your mind on the ends of your life.

Imagine the void before your birth.

Imagine the void after your death.

Loved Ones

Focus on deceased loved ones.

Honor, remember, and love them.

Open your heart.


In time, you come to know. In knowing, you become.

The edges of self will crumble, and freedom will follow.


Sometimes, meditating on our end is triggered by the world around us. Here are some resources that will trigger the desired state of mind.

However, use these resources with care. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ll rate these dire or contemplative.

Dire = 😱, Contemplative = 🤔