I have been pondering this lately, and I’m fascinated. A plethora of possibilities is present right now. You could be doing ~35,000 other things today, but here you are. Let’s delve into this universal human predicament.

What To Do?

Choosing a word presents a challenge at times. I’ve spent a lot of time peering behind refrigerator doors. I won’t get into how many hours I spent deciding if I like someone, processing that much data is a challenge.

With or without money, choosing what to do with wealth is fraught with peril. Should I save, or should I spend? When is a good time to press the buy button? After all, money is my time converted into value, and my next transaction must be worthwhile.

I’m left with this question:

How do we process so quickly, and why?

Sure, our brains are quick, but why is adding space between our actions challenging? Has the evolution of our primal brain optimized our fight or flight toolbox?

Maximum Impact

I’ve been chipping away at my imperfections. Many of my actions reduce my suffering, while others create new suffering. I’ve made health my highest priority as I recover from the results of bad habits. Along the way, I’ve found it easier to choose moves when I’ve set a primary goal.

I try to optimize my daily impact while avoiding analysis paralysis. I don’t always succeed, but I damn well try again.

I still haven’t mastered the magic of the Pomodoro technique, but I’m done reading self-help books on time management. I’ve resigned myself to sticking with and optimizing habits to maximize my impact.

What’s Next?

I’m hard-wired to love new beginnings.

It took me decades to settle on a business plan though I’m well on my way to starting my third and final business. I’m giddy as a schoolgirl visiting a new playground.

I know I’m on the right path as I ponder this future. It’s how I know I’m picking the correct possibility. It wasn’t easy to settle, but I know it’s time to commit.

I hope your next decision is as easy as thinking about it.