Fuck Facebook and all centralized social media platforms. I’ve had it with all of them. The thought police have come to roost, and they have names.

Facebook - The older adult’s platform full of ads, spies, Trump supporters, and Russians

Twitter - The celebrity’s platform meant for spamming fans

LinkedIn - The corporate shill’s platform meant for spamming their services.

Instagram - The young girl’s platform meant for spamming their cleavage.

YouTube - The overstimulation platform meant to glue you to ads 24/7

WhatsApp - The low Internet platform purchased by Facebook to spread its tentacles further

TikTok - The social trainwreck, now with more overstimulation! ™️

I could go on, but I won’t, so enjoy plenty of other centralized timesinks.

I will summarize what’s wrong with all these platforms, why I only use them out of necessity, and why I’m looking for ways to remove them all from my life. By the way, if you love these platforms, keep using them, but keep all this in mind as you use them.


Facebook is the undisputed king of social networking. I won’t go into the history; that’s old news, but I will go into its bullshit user experience.

Ever since the government put pressure on Facebook to censor users, things have gotten ridiculous. Facebook bans people from speaking their minds, and in my case, for tormenting scorpions when I was a dumbass little kid. I go into that story several headings down.

Facebook shouldn’t be policing people in an automated fashion because they are too big to afford to employ people with a fraction of a brain.

Count me out of a future society that interprets the rule of law automatically. There’s a reason a human is behind the bench in a courthouse.

I’m still salty about the few automated speeding & red light tickets I’ve received in the past.


Shitter, the pile of human garbage that has turned everyone into dopamine-saturated nutbags. I started using Twitter to do social media marketing because I’m writing software that manages it without a bunch of BS like Hootsuite, and other over-priced solutions.

I regret using Twitter at all because I started using it to keep an eye on insane Trump Republicans to avoid being caught up in a civil war. I’m now a bit addicted, so hopefully, my new social destination won’t make me feel like I need a twelve-step program.


I find LinkedIn less shitty than all the social networks, but it’s shitty nonetheless. Most people are on there to market the living crap out of you. People put perfectly polished profiles with stuffed keywords and marketsplaining that makes me want to hurl.

I’m on LinkedIn to network, not to shove my persona down everyone’s throat.


No, just no. 📸


It’s full of propaganda, ugly behaviors, and a multitude of other trash, but at least it helped me install my light switches! It does have redeeming features, even Facebook does, but life is all about pros & cons. In the case of YouTube, the only pro is pros that share their divine wisdom. Don’t get me started on QAnon and that rabbit hole of doom.


I barely use it, so I really don’t care to talk about it much. It’s owned by Facebook, so it’s dead to me.


I hate snuggies and selfie sticks. I consider both of them portends of the downfall of human civilization. TikTok is worse than both of them, and I’m pretty sure we’re fucked.

Centralized Solutions

Centralized solutions are convenient, especially for people that collect power like Pokemon cards.

If you trust the people you’ve handed your power to by using a centralized solution, it’s fine. If you don’t, like I don’t, then it’s bullshit.

Facebook holds all the cards, and they have proven they don’t give a shit about anything except collecting us like Pokemon cards worth an obscene amount of money.

Arbitrary Jail

I’ve faced ridiculing and banning in the past for not playing by strict rules. I usually play by the rules, as long as they aren’t bullshit. In the case of Facebook, the rules are bullshit.

Torment and child are considered hate speech. I agree that they can be, except when you’re talking about a fucking scorpion.



Context also matters, so fuck Facebook since they decided to automate away my ability to connect with friends.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner! What the FUCK is this shit?


I already barely see anything from my friends and vice versa, so it’s not like this is an impactful punishment, but REALLY?! Are we suddenly children because we typed a keyphrase the Facebook overlords don’t like?




Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, and it’s rapidly growing.

Counter Social

It has a reasonable TOS though it’s a fork of Mastodon, so it’s going a bit counter-social to the idea of open source, but fork away I suppose!

CounterSocial allows you to flag content as sensitive media so you can freely express yourself instead of getting a ban hammer. It also detects DeepFakes, which is a bonus.


Friendica is an open-source Facebook-like clone that’s connected to the Fediverse. It’s less Twitteresque and appears to mostly feature complete, though I imagine Facebook groups are not replaced by it.


I’ll keep this post updated as I continue exploring the Fediverse. I’m glad Facebook pushed me off their shithole platform. I’m now off to remove the Facebook login dependencies I created because I was lazy. I usually use Google, another questionable centralized service, but at least they aren’t Failbook.



Since I left Facebook they added more bullshit to the pile.


Two more neat restrictions, check this shit out. Apparently, the fun police believe a joke is dangerous! I’ll never understand this bullshit, and I don’t think I ever will.