It’s sad how kids behave these days. I know kids bullied each other in the past, but it seems different now.

My daughter wanted to ride the bus for the experience, and she received a lesson in bullying. She came home with stories about the bully. The bully yelled in her ear while calling her names and was rude to everyone on the bus. Luckily my daughter stood up for herself and said.

You know, you can be a better person.

— My Awesome Daughter

I was so proud of her. All kids must call out horrid behavior at every opportunity, and adults need to lead by example.

Individualism is imbalanced, and we can’t live and let live when it comes to fundamental morals like kindness, compassion, and integrity.

The Truth

Integrity is under attack as an ideal.

Many believe truth is optional. Large groups of people dismiss the truth. Integrity isn’t a principle they abide by, and they don’t care about facts. They isolate their tribe and believe truth doesn’t exist.

Integrity is mandatory.

We allow dishonestly; nobody deserves deception. Liars deserve consequences.

The War

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a “culture war”.

I firmly believe the root cause of strife in the world is a lack of accountablity.

A loud minority promote their ideals over all else. The ideal of extreme individualism compels people to ignore outcomes of treating every action as a means to an end.

This is unsustainable.