My inner voice hears a million screaming lifeforms clamoring for attention. My life is a series of prods and pokes from these lifeforms. I’ve allowed many of them to guide me. I’ve learned much from them, and they have learned much from me.

The Ride

It can be fun to take a ride with a friend. It’s easy to let them lead me someplace I’ve never been before. However, it’s not fun to be taken for a ride, only to lose myself along the way.

Following the right people is a source of comfort. It makes me worry less, trust more, and it’s easy. I’ve spent far more time following people than leading, and it has mostly worked out well for me. It’s good to let other people take the wheel from time to time.

However, following along for the ride takes others where they want to go. I am a vehicle that enables rich CEOs & their shareholders to their destination. I am a means to an end and little more to them. Following companies and entertainers is especially hollow. It gives them my power, the power I can harness to create a universe.

The Road

Plotting a course in my life hasn’t been easy. Some people were born to lead and know exactly where they’re going. That hasn’t been me. I’ve gone with the flow more often than not, but this behavior must come to an end like all things.

My road was winding, but now it is strait and narrow. After many years what’s important to me has come into clear view. I can see with crystal clarity what I need to do. It has been staring me in the face for years, but I’ve chosen to look away. I know that I won’t find my driven spirit unless I follow my road.

The Now

Right this second is all I have. I don’t have a future or a past. Both do not exist, and living in either is no longer an option. For several weeks the majority of my time has been lived in the present. Now that I’ve tasted the freedom, the clarity of mind, and the peace it brings, there is no turning away. I would be foolish to let this gift pass me by.

My inner voice tells me to live in the present. It knows the right path, and I’ll take it. I’ll covet this gift and carry it with me to the grave.