A vessel is what I am. I’m part of a complex system of connections in a world of connections. Like the roots of a tree, my existence depends on how deep it goes.

Have my roots dug far enough to understand the world I live in? Never, for more roots do not take away from the tree. One can learn so much about themselves by understanding the balanced existence of a tree.

Many humans believe they are alone. Disconnected from the hive of humanity; left to despair and shake their fist into the void. If they are disconnected, how could they lift their fist against the gravity of the planet? If gravity were different, they might float away or be compressed like a diamond, yet here they are connected to the planet. Grounded upon it like so many before them, and so many after them.

We grew out of the planet, we are the planet, and the planet is us. We are all vessels for the universe meant to explore, learn, and understand ourselves. Without us, human consciousness is different; it is without a unique sensory experience that makes up the whole.

Being a vessel is a good thing. Our body would not function without blood vessels. Our planet would die without rivers like vessels moving and sustaining life. We, too, would cease to exist.

A Vessel