I traveled a breathless eternity to find peace. I have arrived tempered by the desperate scars of a life lived. I am grounded like a thousand-year-old tree. I am finally one with the universe.

I let go, like a stream around a small hill. I watch the small pools of water turning dark from the mud. The dam of the Earth is broken, and my soul is set free.

It feels like a street corner carnival ride, spinning in earnest towards the balanced center of everything.

I listen for the quiet trickle of a babbling brook in the distance. I hear sleepy trees slowly rustle and sigh as they sway in the distance. Wind chimes sing in the distance as I breathe in crisp Spring air on our pristine planet.

I am reborn.

I am made with psychic armor; I stand ready for battle. My shield of truth will help protect the world as I march forth to shine my light.

I am not afraid; I know who I am.

There is a new hope on the horizon. I feel eternity in the balance, I am now.

My dreams take me to the land of possibilities. I fly to the world of brilliant tranquility under another sky. I peer into a new reality and see myself there with my family and friends.