The [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)][1] is a national public health institute in the United States.

The [CDC recommendations][2] include using a cloth mask.



The [World Health Organization (WHO)][3] is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

The [WHO recommendations][4] include using a cloth mask.



Here are guidelines on when to wear a mask; the [CDC provides additional guidance][2]. I’ve seen people firsthand [wearing masks in their car][5]. Don’t do that; it will potentially [obstruct your vision][6].

If you watched the [face mask in a car video][5], don’t follow the sheeple that are calling other people sheeple. Pot, Kettle, Black, much? Wear a mask.


Not convinced?

Please seek help; here are some free psychiatric services online that can help with mental disorders.

  • [The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration][7]
  • [Understanding the Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: Part 1][8]
  • [Conspiracy Theory Disorder: Understanding Why People Believe][9]

Here are some stories around the interwebs. What are the odds that all of them are fake news?

  • [Dr. Drew Tests Positive for Covid-19 Months After Apologizing for Downplaying Virus][10]
  • [Noted MUSC virologist helps separate COVID-19 fact from fiction][11]
  • [Fitness influencer who ‘thought COVID didn’t exist’ shares final message on Instagram before dying][12]
  • [25-Year-Old Man Becomes 1st in US to Contract Coronavirus Twice, With 2nd Infection ‘More Severe’][13]
  • [CDC revises coronavirus guidance to acknowledge that it spreads through airborne transmission][14]
  • [A second-grade child died of the Coronavirus][15]
  • [A direct message from a nurse in Phoenix, Arizona][16]
  • [Even Mike Pence says you should][17]
  • [People are killing themselves and their family due to ignorance][18]
  • [Got lungs? Do you want to keep them?][19]
  • [Get your facts from professionals][20], [not politicians][21]
  • [Don’t dine out, order takeout][22]
  • [Don’t use hydroxychloroquine and assume you’re safe][23]
  • [It’s science, ask Bill Nye][24]
  • [Anti-masker dies at 37 years old][25]
  • [His 20-year-old son gave him the virus, and he was on a ventilator for 20 days][26]
  • [14 in Texas family test positive for coronavirus after small gathering, 1 dies][27]
  • [Time to Stop Promoting Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: Scientists][28]
  • [Trump endorses masks in a campaign letter][29]
  • [Why Masks Work Better Than You Think: An Interactive Essay][30]
  • [Why Masks Work BETTER Than You’d Think][31]
  • [Indian politician who claimed bathing in mud and blowing a conch shell provides immunity, tests COVID-19 positive][32]
  • [If you don’t want to wear a mask, come to work with me][33]
  • [Certified Young Person Paul Rudd Wants You To Wear A Mask][34]

And finally, Michael Rapaport Wants You To Wear Your Mask!