While we debate racism, let’s remember that it is a social construct and not based on science. We are all one race, the human race, and discrimination between colors is entirely arbitrary.

People that treat others differently because of their skin are wildly misinformed. The people that engage in this social construct, racism, are following a fantasy that we are separate. We are not; we are one species fighting for survival in this world.

We need to embrace one another and seek to understand the unique struggles people with different shades of skin deal with daily.

We need to fight to redefine and stop engaging in this social fallacy and move forward together. We need novel words, based in science, to describe people that believe in racism. It’s a fantasy; it’s not real. The only thing that is real is the hate, the discrimination, and the lies people spread that say racism does not exist. They are right if they are speaking scientifically, and that is one of the many problems with our ongoing discussions.

What words can we use to reframe the debate?

Wikipedia on Racism