Earth 2020

Coronavirus thoughts have swept the globe. I’ve never seen anything like this virus in my lifetime. It is the epitome of madness yet fascinating at the same time. What we’re witnessing here is the biggest global stress test of our time. We are gathering data on a worldwide scale that will all but tell us some interesting facts.

  • Which political systems best responded to the virus?
  • How truly dysfunctional are our Governments?
  • How resilient is our societal infrastructure?

It will tell us a lot more than that. The answers to these questions could reshape the world stage in ways never imagined. It’s a scary thought but also a thought full of hope. In the midst of this mysterious moment in time, we could find something amazing. We could find that most of us want to connect and want to be able to disconnect responsibly. It’s my hope that we will come out on the other side of this test and learn something.

The impact of this virus will be deeply felt by us all. We will collectively pore over these statistics for ages. This will all go down in the history books.

Our ingenuity will prevail in these times as long as we put humanity well above profits. We can’t pay this virus a couple trillion dollars to go away. It doesn’t care about our money and neither should we. When we put profits over the lives of our people, we have utterly lost our way. Imagine what any of our beloved founders would think of us now if we don’t do the right things.